Monday, 8 August 2011

Forthcoming E-Book Revealed

In coming weeks, I'll release my first ever e-book.  It will cover a subject which seems to have been weirdly overlooked in the e-book world: interviewing people journalistically.

The title, as you can see from its cover on the the left, will be How To Interview Doctor Who, Ozzy Osbourne And Everyone Else.

This book is based on 23 years of journalistic experience.  Within its electronic pages, I'll be giving nuts-and-bolts, detailed advice on the craft of interviewing - from preparation, to conducting the chat, to writing the finished article - while delivering it all in a hopefully entertaining and conversational fashion.  I'll also lift the lid on the reality of interviewing people and the nasty surprises and awkward situations you're likely to face along the way, right down to what to do when your recording device has failed to tape the conversation.

Sections of the book will include:

  • Five Qualities That Make For A Good Interviewer
  • Seven Ways To Set Your Interviewee At Ease
  • The Eight Types Of Interviewee
  • Fandom Vs Professionalism
  • Can An Interviewee Ever Become Your Friend?
  • Underhand Tactics & Grey Areas
  • Becoming A Fly On The Wall
  • The Dreaded Roundtable Interview
  • Alcohol
  • Transcription: A Necessary Evil
  • How Verbatim Do You Need To Be With Those Quotes?
  • The Structure Of An Interview Article
As we speak, I'm putting the finishing touches to the book.  If you're an aspiring journalist, or are just interested in the topic of how a journo goes about interviewing people, then I want it to answer every question you could possibly have.

To that end, I'd like you to suggest things you'd like the book to cover.  The above list only represents a segment of the 26,000-word book, but if you have anything in mind which you'd really like answered, then please let me know in the Comments below or by e-mailing me at journozone AT gmail DOT com.  Hopefully, such comments will help me deliver a book about interviewing people which leaves no stone unturned.

This very afternoon, I'm launching a Facebook page for the book.  Please feel free to register your interest and support by hitting Like!

UPDATE August 13: the book will be available to buy on various Amazon sites from Monday, August 15.


  1. Sounds really interesting! Looking forward to reading it :) Good luck.

  2. Too bad this book couldn't come out before this Thursday, as I'll be doing my own foray into interviews then. Still, I plan on picking this up as soon as it is available.

  3. I'd like to know tactful ways to stop interview subjects waffling or changing the subject.